Project Management and quality assurance of new constructions.

We are often asked to find solutions for performance failures in new constructions such as leaking retaining walls, roofs, decks or other external leaks. By that time the various parties are no longer involved and owners are left dealing with unexpected problems. We will make sure that your new construction complies with your contract specifications so that you get what was agreed to and no less.

For project management and quality assurance, we provide surveys of ongoing construction for new dwellings and commercial properties to ensure compliance with the contract designs and standards so that you avoid having to repair construction defects, avoid disputes and have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to deal with problems in the future.

Incorrect installation of wall cladding, flashings, exterior joinery, roof and deck membranes, other mistakes and deviations from good practice will often prevent the local Council from issuing a Code Compliance Certificate at completion. We offer value for money, quality assurance to save owners a lot of strife before things get to that stage.