We provide code compliance assessments and building inspections for owners seeking a code compliance certificate.

Your home or commercial building is not required by law to have a code compliance certificate however a property which does not comply with minimum design standards does indicate construction defects. We are recognised experts at making those building assessments and can give you a free quote without obligation.

A Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) is issued on completion by the local Council if construction complies with the Building Code and Consent designs. Often aspects that are non-compliant with ‘Acceptable Solution’ designs prevent the local Council from issuing a code compliance certificate because experience shows that they often translate into performance and durability failures. These may be concealed and not initially obvious with a new home and are best identified with an understanding of design, good practice and Code requirements.

Buyers will be wary of a property without a Code Compliance Certificate for new construction, alterations or repairs. It means that even minimum standards have not been followed. It will not be possible for buyers to raise finance in most cases. If you are are interested in buying a home that does not have a CCC, you can inquire from the local City Council to find out about the extent of any defects.

In making a code compliance assessment we survey the relevant parts of the as-built condition and make comparison with building code standards. Alterations or changes that meet minimum design standards of ‘acceptable’ or ‘alternative solutions’ may be needed in some places to match current compliance standards. We will show which aspects should be altered or repaired to get a code compliance certificate (CCC) and provide appropriate designs.