We make leak investigations, find the cause and provide remediation designs for homes with leak problems and damage.

Ongoing leaks and dampness will have financial consequences which can be severe. Leak investigation is needed to discover the source of dampness so that repairs are appropriate and effective. We often find that there have been a series of repairs because the source was never properly identified and repairs were ineffective.

We have experience with finding solutions for performance failures such as leaks from roofs, exterior walls, decks, windows and retaining walls. Expert invasive investigation can be made to determine the condition of the timber framing and to find the leak source(s). Targeted repairs may not always solve the issues. Leak repairs and other repairs of defects may require upgrading to current building code standards with a new Building Consent, including appropriate designs. We are expert at giving you enough information so that you can work towards the best solution.

Regardless of the type of cladding, assessing weathertightness risks will form part of the investigation. Our investigation includes moisture testing and assessing the exterior to give property owners an accurate picture of any performance failures that will cause ongoing damage over time.

Results from thermal imaging can be misleading because of the inability to always confirm the presence of moisture and often indicate a high incidence of false negatives and false positive readings. Using our expertise in building design and construction, along with the most appropriate specialist equipment, our Registered Surveyor can properly identify the cause of leaks and determine if there is any damage before a remedial repair plan is proposed.

We have extensive experience with leak investigations and use the best detection equipment. Moisture testing gives only part of the picture. Our speciality is that we have an in-depth knowledge of construction techniques that can give an insight into any defects that are likely to fail and what may lie below the surface. Competitive pricing.