House inspection and pre-purchase builder’s report in Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.

If you are buying a house, a pre-purchase house inspection or building report from Wellington Property Services Ltd will provide you with an accurate assessment about the things that really matter. You can make an informed decision with confidence regarding your purchase, based on the facts presented. You will know in advance about repairs you may anticipate. You may decide that this is not the property for you, or you may negotiate with the vendor if you still wish to buy.

It is better to make an informed decision to complement a vendor’s or agent’s sales advice rather than have regrets later, or find there were better options and opportunities. There is often an unrealistic expectation the property will have complied with recognised standards and with the New Zealand Building Code. As well as any apparent defects and risk features in the as-built construction, remedial repairs can land a buyer with significant costs.

If you are purchasing a new home but wondering if there are any significant or hidden problems, a building inspection can give you peace of mind. We provide a comprehensive condition survey with moisture testing and risk assessment and identify any defects you will want to know about. Being independent means we have no connection with a building company, real estate sales group or anyone else with a vested interest. Wellington Property Services will provide you with a detailed, easy to understand report of the true underlying condition of the home.

A home with substantial defects burdens your income and time. If you are buying a home, our house inspection helps give you confidence that you are not taking on significant problems. We provide pre-purchase house inspections, house or apartment surveys and builder’s reports in Kapiti Coast and the greater Wellington area including the city and surrounding suburbs, Karori & Western Suburbs, Porirua, Whitby, Raumati, Paraparaumu and Kapiti Coast to Palmerston North.

Your consultant is a Registered Building Surveyor (NZIBS) who meets the highest standards for building inspections and provides assessments that comply with the New Zealand Standard. We have experience with our own design and construction of new dwellings with code compliance at completion. We aim to provide you with the most thorough and accurate building and house inspection report available.


A pre-purchase house inspection or a builder’s report for vendors in preparation for selling.

A builder’s report for vendors in preparation for selling covers the same issues as a pre-purchase house inspection for buyers.  If you are selling and you get a house inspection before you go on the market, you can fix things that might otherwise delay settlement. Buyers however should be careful if they are going to rely on a builder’s report supplied by the same people who are trying to sell them the home! Because of large differences among builder’s reports it pays to get your own building inspection when buying.

Our clients often ask why the vendor-supplied report missed out so much. Any recommendations by the vendor’s agent may not be in your best interest. An agent should not recommend an assessor because their commission of sale creates a conflict of interest with the potential buyer. An inadequate appraisal may facilitate the sale by failing to note significant defects.

An offer subject to an appraisal should ideally allow time for any buyers who are interested in obtaining a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) from the local City Council, or for getting a valuation. If you would like either of these, it is best to get them after having a pre-purchase check on the property when you are confident that you would like to buy. The vendors may be able to provide you with a copy of the LIM report and a Valuation (a valuation may not be required by mortgage lenders). More helpful to a buyer is the property file and plans from the Council (territorial authority) which is available as a public record.

With house buying, it’s easy to get swept along with the process once dealing with the usual professionals involved. The desire to buy any property is usually formed within a short time. Before you buy, obtain an independent building inspection to check the properties condition and complement your own impressions. Most helpful to Wellington and Kapiti Coast home buyers is having an expert pre-purchase house inspection. We have an in-depth knowledge of construction techniques which give an insight into what may lie below the surface. A pre-purchase builder’s report or house inspection from Wellington Property Services will help you to make a decision with confidence. Also see Vendor reports for owners in preparation for selling

Our independent, comprehensive pre-purchase house inspection in Wellington and Kapiti includes:
  • Condition survey, moisture testing, risk assessment and explanatory text with photos, sent to you in PDF format
  • Identification of inadequate design or construction techniques and inappropriate use of materials
  • Dampness, ground dampness, leaks, condensation control, weather tightness
  • Hazards such as asbestos and methamphetamine testing if required (chemical testing Negative: 99.38%, Positive: 97.45%)
  • Assessment of exterior cladding, services, foundations and structure
  • Moisture meter readings
A builder’s report and pre purchase house inspection includes assessment of:
  • Roof, gutters, downpipes and connections
  • Exterior cladding including window and door joinery installation
  • Foundations and subfloor
  • Roof area / attic
  • Services
  • Decks
  • Interior
  • Risks and defects
  • Landscaping and retaining walls