Have an expert assessment of your building if you are planning to make changes.

If you are planning to make alterations, a commercial building survey and assessment is recommended before you decide on a design proposal. We can make a building maintenance and condition survey for owners who want to assess future expenses. We can also give prospective buyers a good understanding of the condition before committing to a decision to purchase.

A survey relies on the expertise and experience of an independent professional to give a description of the property. Someone who will complement the high-pressure sales tactics of agents or vendors while allowing the potential purchaser an opportunity to consider issues of current performance and building code compliance. Any issues found could become costly to a future owner and could also impede the ability to on-sell the property.

Wellington Property Services can make a commercial building survey which includes a condition and weathertightness report with moisture readings, risk assessment and explanatory text with photos. We provide expert maintenance assessments, with solutions.

Our quality assurance and project management for additions and renovations to ensure compliance with the Building Code can save you from having to deal with unexpected problems.

Before making the building consent application, we can peer review design proposals provided by architects or designers who may work from their own design templates. If you are planning to make some alterations, you will be glad you spoke to us before you commit to someone’s final design and specification.

Whether you are an owner or a potential buyer, we will listen to your concerns and provide a service that is specific to your requirements.