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It was the best money ever spent.

My parents insisted that I have the townhouse checked before I buy. I was reluctant because I had already met the owners and been through it all with the agent. My parents paid for it and put me in touch with you guys because you have been recommended. It was the best money ever spent looking at the problems I was about to take on.

Andrea M

Thank you.

We were looking at a home with internal gutters and once we got you in we found out that they were leaking from the roof down. The plaster didn’t have any joins to absorb movement and it had quite a few cracks that have been sealed over with silicon. On top of that, water was coming through the retaining walls at the bottom level. As cheap as it was below valuation we are so glad we had this checked out properly because the reports supplied by the agent had missed these important things and talked about sealing and repainting the house. As we found out, the problems could not be fixed that easily. I don’t know how this house was able to get a code compliance certificate. Having seen the trouble people get into we are glad we are now not in that position ourselves. For the second home we looked at, again it was a very thorough inspection and report you gave us and we bought a much better home. Thankyou, you are the best !

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Luckily we didn’t buy the first property we were looking at.

Luckily we didn’t buy the first property we were looking at. The owners supplied a builder’sreport but our mortgage broker said we should have it checked for ourselves. He said he’s seen them all and he recommended Wellington Property Service who noted that a few repairs had been made that we didn’t know about and found some things that would have cost us a lot of money, including NZ termites in the roof timber! A few months later we were keen on another one and this time before we confirmed our offer we were able to get one of the bigger things fixed that the agent didn’t even know about. We are rapt with our new home and totally recommend you guys.

Mathew & Annette

There had been leaks from Dux plumbing pipes which we didn’t know about.

There had been leaks from Dux plumbing pipes which we didn’t know about and a lot had been replaced but we found out that some was still inside the walls. The owners discounted for replacing the rest. Your report was very thorough. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

J & K


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