Dispute resolution and expert witness experience.

Wellington Property Services can provide an expert assessment of issues in dispute that can reduce arguments and help to get a quick resolution.

If you are involved in a dispute or litigation, you can guide the matter to a fast and just resolution without further cost or delays. It is remarkable how easily a dispute can be resolved in front of a good facilitator once you take control of your part in the process. If you bring your dispute before a skilled facilitator, you may explore any common ground, reach agreement and put some focus to other issues that remain in dispute.

Mediation is a good way to define the issues, explore a solution that accords with natural justice and to document any agreement. In the process it is hoped that parties to the dispute will be able to appreciate the high cost of delaying any ultimate resolution by prolonged legal expenses. Even if parties don’t enter into an agreement at the mediation, technical issues and causes may be resolved and parties may gain invaluable understanding.

We have helped parties at numerous weathertightness mediations by showing the issues, causes of performance failure and extent of repairs needed. We can give evidence at formal inquiries such as mediation and adjudication. In working with Wellington Property Services, you access our project management experience, qualifications, knowledge and robust processes to assist you to navigate through the necessary procedures and achieve the best possible outcome.