Hazard testing includes asbestos, methamphetamine and mould.

The time of construction can give some indication of whether products had asbestos content. Asbestos was in widespread use in New Zealand houses and commercial buildings from the1940’s and into the 1990’s, depending on the particular product and material. From 1983 onwards asbestos use was phased out of sheet products and included only in pipes. Importing blue and brown asbestos was banned in New Zealand in 1984.

Decontamination of a house used for the manufacture of methamphetamine has significant costs for homeowners. Houses can become contaminated with toxins and chemicals which attach themselves to surfaces in the home. These toxins can be absorbed through skin contact with affected areas. For peace of mind that your property has not been used as a P-Lab, Wellington Property Services can screen the property for methamphetamine contamination. If required, we provide meth testing in the Wellington area for people who are interested in buying a home. Chemical meth testing reliability: Negative 99.38%, Positive 97.45%

Internal mould can result from evaporating moisture from the subfloor area or it may be a sign of underlying dampness in concealed areas. Stachybotrys can be a health hazard, particularly to infants and depending on the extent, areas affected and the amount of internal mould growth. We can identify the causes of dampness and give solutions to eliminate mould.